What to Eat & Supplement for Daily Swimming!
Hosted by  Dawn Weatherwax
About this webinar In this descriptive webinar, I'm going to formally introduce myself and tell you the story of how I got here. We'll dive into the 3 Top Tips that all parents and swimmers must know to optimize daily swimming! With these tips from my course you will understand the importance of; 1. Optimizing growth & training at the same time 2. How it impacts recovery, energy levels and guess work 3. Understanding how to stay healthy and have less time out of the water so they can surpass their opposition 4. Athlete's success stories Stay to the end to receive a special offer I make only to attendees of this webinar! WATCH FREE NOW [https://dawnweatherwaxsportsnutritionacademy.ewebinar.com/webinar/what-to-eat-and-supplement-for-daily-swimming-3471]!